Why choose the Italian cooking school Cordon Bleu?

Why choose the Italian cooking school Cordon Bleu?

A wide range of specializations, from sweet to savoury dishes, and taught by highly qualified teachers.

Whether long or based on one single workshop, no prior knowledge is required for these courses.

They are open to those new to the cooking experience as well as those who want to improve their skills or add new and innovative recipes to traditional ones.

The Italian cooking school Cordon Bleu has a network of professional chef teachers dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary instruction, and taking participants on a memorable taste experience, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

These courses can be taught in English and French.

Who is the course for?

These courses are ideal for food enthusiasts, for chefs, foreigners and whoever wants to feel more confident in specific cooking areas.

For the love of the cooking arts

Amateur courses are aimed at those who love cooking and wish to improve their skills in the preparation of traditional Italian dishes: fresh pasta, first course dishes (pasta, risotto, soups), second course dishes (meat and fish), yeast doughs, ice-cream, as well as ethnic cuisine and pastry arts.

The courses are a fun and constructive introduction to the culinary world, and a first step towards a potential future profession.

They are great for those that already have a basic self taught level of competence in the home kitchen, for foreigners and for cooks wishing to enhance a specific area.

All of this thanks to a professional and hospitable staff of ourItalian cooking schoollocated in the unique and attractive location of Palazzo Panciatichi Ximenes.