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School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu

Excellence and experience in forming tomorrow’s chefs

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Corso per Cuoco Cordon Bleu

Il corso per avviarsi alla professione

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Aroma Italia The School

Our new project

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The Art of Pasta Making

Our new professional cooking course in the most representative area of Italian cuisine

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To the School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu Florence, an Italian cooking academy that offers a wide range of courses combining tradition and innovation.

The Cordon Bleu School is an Italian cooking academy located in an attractive 16th century building right in the historical centre of Florence.

The school runs a range of amateur and professional courses, themed workshops as well as team building courses for companies. The courses are aimed at housewives, young learners, managers, foreigners, food lovers and aspiring professional cooks.
​Cordon Bleu Florence offers its classics like Basic Cuisine, Haute Cuisine, Pastry and Professional programmes, and continues to evolve through the establishment of the European Bachelor Degree in Italian Culinary Arts.
The courses are held by the two founders of the school, Gabriella Mari and Cristina Blasi, as well as several chefs and experts in cooking-related topics.
Competence, professionalism and creativity have been Cordon Bleu Florence’s watchword for over 30 years.

Study Programmes

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Un importante complemento formativo

Il corso di cucina professionale rappresenta un importante complemento formativo che fornisce tutti gli strumenti e le conoscenze necessarie per inserirsi nel mondo del lavoro, garantendo una preparazione a 360 gradi.

Aroma Italia

Cooking passion

Aroma Italia: The Project

Our project "AROMA ITALIA" aims at going beyond the classic "cooking school" concept. The goal is to convey, through the food and its handling, the feeling of being part of a secular knowledge. But we go even further: we want to transfer our passion directly to you. 

Aroma Italia Labs

Aroma Italia Labs - Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking
Start September 1st
The professional cooking course: 15 lessons + 5 activities to discover menus and milestones of Italian cuisine