Three-year European Bachelor’s degree in Italian Culinary Arts
08 October 2018 - 07 October 2019

Duration: 3 years
Time: Different times

The course

The three-year European Bachelor’s degree in Italian Culinary Arts is an advanced formative programme in the technical , culinary , artistic and historical areas, as well as in business management.

This is recognized as the top culinary arts programme in Italy for those who aim to further their post school studies in the Culinary Arts field.

The European Bachelor’s degree programme is taught at Cordon Bleu School Florence, with its more than thirty years experience in the field of cooking and teaching. The school premises are in Palazzo Ximenes Panciatichi in Via Giusti, 7, right in the historic heart of Florence.

Cordon Bleu Florence is one of the oldest and long-running cooking schools in Italy. The defining characteristic of the school is based on the study of Italian gastronomy heritage and on the reproduction of it with complete respect of tradition in modernity.

The European Bachelor’s degree study programme is designed to give a solid technical and practical preparation in the Culinary arts, the pastry arts, the art of making ice cream, homemade pasta, chocolate products, and in working with sugar. It is also designed to teach the art of cooking through palate training, by tasting food, wine, beer, alcohol and cocktails. In addition, there will be advanced studies on business management, marketing and design.

In the three-year European Bachelor’s degree course in Italian Culinary Arts, particular focus will be placed on historical and sociological subjects.

The European Bachelor’s degree programme is aimed at those who want to graduate in Culinary Arts and learn how to be able to face work challenges by means of a solid, academic, culinary foundation.

The European Bachelor’s Degree programme is divided into three years and carries a total of 180 ECTS.
The programme consists of a student workload of more than 1500 instructional hours of which half are practical.

A thesis is the conclusion of the three-year European Bachelor’s degree in Italian Culinary Arts. The students are also required to undergo a practical and theoretical exam session at the end of which, the students who have completed successfully the three-year programme, will be awarded an European Bachelor in Professional Studies in Italian Culinary Arts.

The accreditation board who releases the title of European Bachelor’s degree is E.A.B.H.E.S.
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Given the large range of subjects studied, the accuracy and high teaching level, the European Bachelor’s degree programme is at the top for the technical and artistic preparation in the culinary ambit.

Entry requirements for the European Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts is the successful completion of
high school education


All the school’s teaching material is sponsor free

Programme structure

The European Bachelor’s Degree course in Italian Culinary Arts runs over three years and each year carries 60 ECTS.
Maximum number of students: 22

A restricted participant number allows the school to follow each and every student carefully and
thoroughly over the three-year programme, and it also allows teacher prompt intervention in case of
problems throughout the learning process.

Teaching programme

I year subjects

The History of Food I
Food Merceology I
Health and Security
Food Chemistry
Equipment and Technology
Lab I: Basic Preparations
Lab II: Basic Cooking Techniques
Food Anthropology
Nutrition/Food Science
Traditional food flavours

II year subjects

Food Merceology II
Lab III: Bread, pizza and pasta
Food Tasting
Baking and Pastry arts I
Science of Cooking
Food Marketing
Menu Composition
Lab IV: International Haute Cuisine
Pastry Arts 2

III year subjects

The History of Food II
Lab 5
Food Marketing 2
Food Design
Pastry Arts 3
Cake Design and Chocolate
Restaurant set up and management



The three year European Bachelor’s Degree programme in Italian Culinary Arts has an annual fee of € 9,800.
Scholarships are available.

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Maximum number of people:22

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