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Aroma Italia Bread & Italian Focaccia
Amateur Courses
3 hours

The lesson is focused on the preparation of:
Focaccia from Apulia, Focaccia from Recco, Ciabatta bread, Bread from Apulia
Price: € 90€
Chocolate with Andrea Bianchini
Professional Classes
5 lessons

Lessons from the Professional Programme on Pastry Cooking.
Price: 440€
Christmas flavours at Cordon Bleu - lessons, cooking sessions and market fair
Amateur Courses
4 hours
The school is opening its doors for a Christmas event!

An unique event, with free English cooking sessions where children will learn to make sweets
and especially biscuits to put under the Christmas tree for Santa Claus. There will also be a
tortellini preparation workshop….and many Cordon Bleu gift ideas to put under your Christmas

You can buy gift vouchers for cooking lessons organized by the school, for example the
lesson on the Four Seasons’ Hotel brunch to learn how to make the perfect Club Sandwich and
many more recipes to impress your guests. Last but not least, you can also buy a gift voucher
for the cooking show “Il Coperchio di Petronilla”.

There will also be a Christmas market where you will find a selection of cookery books by Ta Ta
Ta, Barbara’s scarves in spice colours, the project “Su la testa” of handmade hats created by
one of our chef teachers, oil and antique roses from Fattoria La Villetta, and much more.



Price: free entry€
Cooking Show! Il coperchio di Petronilla
Serata a tema
2.5 hours


The School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu is pleased to announce the upcoming cooking show about Petronilla. Wine included and/or BYOW.

Reservation is requested.

For reservations and more information contact the School: 055 2345468

Price: 40€
Cooking show! Lebanese cuisine
Serata a tema
3 hours

A cooking show on Lebanese cuisine held by the versatile Lebanese chef Kamal Mouzawak.

Wine included and/or BYOW.

Reservation is requested.

For reservations and more information contact the School: 055 2345468


Price: € 45€
Basic Cooking Evening September Desserts - On-line
Amateur Courses
2 hours evening
Classification of the different dessert and spoon dessert to finish a classic menu, main ingredients, uova, caramel, gelatin and other thickeners, chocolate, hygenic rules, flambé.

On-line edition

Cooking part: Crepes Souzette, Chocolate Mousse, Creme Brulee, Yogurt Bavarian Cream with Strawberry Compote, Souffle al Grand Marnier.
Price: 20€
Fish Master Class
Professional Programmes
4 lessons
A whole course held by two master chefs on fish:
Tommaso Cintolesi & David Bonucci

David Bonucci for the first lesson, devote to baccalà; Tommaso Cintolesi for white fish (February 27th), Oily fish (March 5th), Crustaceans & shellfish (TBD).
Price: 450€
Basic Cooking Evening September Home made Pasta - On-line
Amateur Courses
2 hours evening
Home made pasta rolled out with the pasta machine, tagliatelle, lasagne, blanching, different shapes, sauces for fresh pasta (gravy from roast meat, truffle etc.)

On-line edition

Cooking part: Pasta Roll as a rose, Maccheroni alla chitarra, Taglierini with lemon sauce, White and green Cannelloni.

Price: 20€
Homemade Cheese
Professional Classes
1 lesson


Raw milk and rennet: few ingredients to prepare many different kinds of cheese
Price: 130€
In the kitchen with Marco Stabile
Amateur Courses
1 lesson
Menu to be defined
Price: € 100€
Italian Brioche & Croissant
Professional Classes
2 lessons
The second lesson will be held the following day
Price: 150€
Italian Ice Cream (Gelato)
Amateur Courses
4 hours
The school is pleased to welcome Palmiro Bruschi who is a member of the Italian Ice Cream Academy and has been the Italian champion of ice cream making.

During the lesson Bruschi will create new and traditional ice creams flavored with authentic Italian ingredients.

Contact the school for more information and details about this course.
Price: 130€
Post graduate Two Years Course - European Masters
Academic Courses
2 years


Request information, course catalog, brochure, financial aid, application forms...
Price: see description€
Aroma Italia Stuffed Pasta and its veg surprises
Amateur Courses
3 hours

The lesson is devoted to the preparation of different types of Home made pasta (tortelli and ravioli) with veg stuffing.
During the lesson students will be taught also on particular shapes of tortelli and ravioli.
For more info contact the School +39 055 2345468 or

Price: € 90€
Basic Cooking Evening September The best frying - On-line
Amateur Courses
3 hours evening
The use of oil, pans, tools, metals. how to drain, how to reheat, how to flour, Villeroy recipies, frying potatoes, different coatings and batters for frying, 2 batters, Tempura, listing of dishes included in the many typical fried courses in Italy (from Pidmont, from Tuscany, from Rome, from Naples). The egg, freshness, cooking and use.

On-line edition!
Price: 20€
Three-year European Bachelor’s degree in Italian Culinary Arts 2018
3 years

The Course

The three-year European Bachelor’s degree in Italian Culinary Arts is an advanced formative programme in the technical , culinary , artistic and historical areas, as well as in business management.

This is recognized as the top culinary arts programme in Italy for those who aim to further their post school studies in the Culinary Arts field.

The European Bachelor’s degree programme is taught at Cordon Bleu School Florence, with its more than thirty years experience in the field of cooking and teaching. The school premises are in Palazzo Ximenes Panciatichi in Via Giusti, 7, right in the historic heart of Florence.

Cordon Bleu Florence is one of the oldest and long-running cooking schools in Italy. The defining characteristic of the school is based on the study of Italian gastronomy heritage and on the reproduction of it with complete respect of tradition in modernity.

The European Bachelor’s degree study programme is designed to give a solid technical and practical preparation in the Culinary arts, the pastry arts, the art of making ice cream, homemade pasta, chocolate products, and in working with sugar. It is also designed to teach the art of cooking through palate training, by tasting food, wine, beer, alcohol and cocktails. In addition, there will be advanced studies on business management, marketing and design.

In the three-year European Bachelor’s degree course in Italian Culinary Arts, particular focus will be placed on historical and sociological subjects.

The European Bachelor’s degree programme is aimed at those who want to graduate in Culinary Arts and learn how to be able to face work challenges by means of a solid, academic, culinary foundation.

The European Bachelor’s Degree programme is divided into three years and carries a total of 180 ECTS.
The programme consists of a student workload of more than 1500 instructional hours of which half are practical.

A thesis is the conclusion of the three-year European Bachelor’s degree in Italian Culinary Arts. The students are also required to undergo a practical and theoretical exam session at the end of which, the students who have completed successfully the three-year programme, will be awarded an European Bachelor in Professional Studies in Italian Culinary Arts.

The accreditation board who releases the title of European Bachelor’s degree is E.A.B.H.E.S.
For further information

Given the large range of subjects studied, the accuracy and high teaching level, the European Bachelor’s degree programme is at the top for the technical and artistic preparation in the culinary ambit.

Entry requirements for the European Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts is the successful completion of
high school education


All the school’s teaching material is sponsor free

Programme structure

The European Bachelor’s Degree course in Italian Culinary Arts runs over three years and each year carries 60 ECTS.
Maximum number of students: 22

A restricted participant number allows the school to follow each and every student carefully and
thoroughly over the three-year programme, and it also allows teacher prompt intervention in case of
problems throughout the learning process.

Teaching programme

I year subjects

The History of Food I
Food Merceology I
Health and Security
Food Chemistry
Equipment and Technology
Lab I: Basic Preparations
Lab II: Basic Cooking Techniques
Food Anthropology
Nutrition/Food Science
Traditional food flavours

II year subjects

Food Merceology II
Lab III: Bread, pizza and pasta
Food Tasting
Baking and Pastry arts I
Science of Cooking
Food Marketing
Menu Composition
Lab IV: International Haute Cuisine
Pastry Arts 2

III year subjects

The History of Food II
Lab 5
Food Marketing 2
Food Design
Pastry Arts 3
Cake Design and Chocolate
Restaurant set up and management



The three year European Bachelor’s Degree programme in Italian Culinary Arts has an annual fee of € 9,800.
Scholarships are available.

For further information

+39 055 2345468

Price: 9800€
Tuscan Pasta! Summer Tortello with string beans, a meal with Gabriella and Cristina
Amateur Courses
2 hours
We will use Zoom and we provide you with the recipe and the shopping list.
Gabriella and Cristina will explain and make the recipe, a glass of chilled Chardonnay for the chef is a good idea!
Price: 20€

Individual Lessons

You can follow our COOKINGCOACH and explore a topic of Italian cuisine and pastry at your choice.

The Art of Pasta Making

The professional cooking course on the Art of Making Pasta at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts is a professional cooking course which aims to form specialists in the most representative area of Italian cuisine.