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Winter Labs 2023

1 welcome Apper + 10 cooking classes of 4 hours each + 1 Festive dinner + 1 market tour + 1 wine tasting experience + 1 food tour. The winter cooking workshops in English designed to discover and learn the basics of Italian cuisine.
11th December
20th December
1,5 weeks
9am-1pm, or 2-6pm

The course

1 welcome Apper 
10 cooking classes of 4 hours each 
1 Festive dinner 
1 market tour 
1 wine tasting experience 
1 food tour

Participating in a winter cooking course in Florence represents a delightful and unique culinary experience. Tuscany is known for its rich culinary traditions, and taking a cooking class here during winter can provide you with a deeper understanding of the region's seasonal ingredients and dishes. Here's what you might expect from our Winter Lab:

Seasonal Ingredients: Tuscany has a bounty of seasonal produce and ingredients even during the winter. You may learn to cook with elements like root vegetables, hearty greens, chestnuts and beans, game and meet from local producers. You will have the opportunity to prepare classic Tuscan dishes such as ribollita (a hearty vegetable and bread soup), Tuscan-style roast meats, and pasta dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients. 

Hands-On Experience: students actively participate in the preparation of dishes. You'll learn cooking techniques and the art of creating authentic Tuscan flavors. Experienced chefs share their knowledge of Tuscan cuisine, including the history and cultural significance of the dishes you're making.

Local Wine Pairing: Tuscany is renowned for its wines, including Chianti and Vernaccia. Cooking classes include a wine associated to the recipes prepared during every class.

Beautiful Setting: A 16th century building with frescos hosts our laboratories. 

Small Group Sizes: from 7 to maximum 15 students per class, to allow for personalized attention and a deeper learning experience.
It's a fantastic way to embrace the local food culture and gain valuable cooking skills while enjoying the beauty of Florence in the wintertime.

Lessons are held in English

The cost

The total cost is 2,500.00 Euros and includes all ingredients and the uniform: hat, jacket and apron.

The program 

Apper evening to get to know each other and have a drink and some food 
Basic preparations and sauces: first approach to the Italian cuisine
Pasta making class: learn how to make pasta from scratch and delicious sauces 
Gnocchi, polenta and soups: heart warming food for the cold season 
Vegetables: winter gifts of the land 
Meat: traditional roasts and meat stews 
Fish: an entire menu with fish as a protagonist
Present in a box: ideas of yummy presents for your beloved ones 
Truffle and mushrooms: a menu with the gems of the autumn-winter season
Desserts: learn how to make the most loved Italian sweets and cakes 
Dinner cooking: this is the final rush before enjoying a festive dinner all made by you 
Festive dinner: after lots of efforts is it rewarding to celebrate together and enjoy the fruits of your work in the final dinner
Market tour to learn more about the seasonal ingredients directly from those who grow and sell them
Wine tasting experience with a wine expert to deepen the knowledge of Tuscan wines
Food tour which will add more flavour to the entire course by checking the hidden gems of Florence

The student reviews 


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