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The Art of Pasta Making

The professional cooking course on the Art of Making Pasta at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts is a professional cooking course which aims to form specialists in the most representative area of Italian cuisine.
Teacher: Gabriella Mari, Barbara Zattoni, Gabriele Cini, Riccardo Zanni
March 28th
April 29th
4 weeks

Study Programme

The Professional course on the Art of Making Pasta is a four-week study programme which includes 20 four-hour lessons for a total of 80 hours. The lessons are held every morning from Monday to Friday with a short break.

The programme begins with a study of the raw materials, the culture and the history of pasta. It follows on with theoretical-practical lessons on egg and eggless pasta dough, with wheat, durum wheat, pasta with and without stuffing. Special pasta, drawn pasta and no knead pasta doughs are included in the programme as well as the preparation of different kinds of gnocchi. The course will also include the different traditional sauces to match the different varities of pasta.
Some lessons will focus on the study of modern pasta production and storage techniques. 

The cost of the Professional course on the Art of Making Pasta is of Euro 2.200,00 per person. The price includes: Euro 500,00 for the registration fee, teaching material (course manual, apron, jacket and hat), ingredients and insurance coverage for the tuition hours at the school. Accomodation is not included but the school can provide assistance to those in need of accomodation.

Course information

The objective of the  Professional course on Pasta Making  is to form experts in the most characteristic sector of Italian cuisine, who will learn to prepare a line of high quality innovative and traditional pasta dishes. The course is open to those who have basic training as cooks, and wish to further enhance their culinary techniques in pasta making, as well as to those who aim to specialise in the art of making pasta. 

 The participants are required to be punctual and to keep their material and their appearance tidy at all times. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to the students who have attended at least 80% of the lessons.

The lessons are held in Italian and English

Individual Lessons

You can follow our COOKINGCOACH and explore a topic of Italian cuisine and pastry at your choice.