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Professional Pastry Course

A course aimed to train professionists who will specialize in Italian Pastry with some input on International and restaurant pastry, through its theoretical and pratical lessons.
Teacher: Stefano Donati, Marta Capacci, Gabriele Cini, Luigi Giuliani and other
October 15th
February 17th
15 weeks
from 2 to 6 pm

Aim of the programme

The aim of the programme is to train professionists who will specialize in Pastry.
The programme will focus on the fundamentals of Italian Pastry, with some input on International and restaurant pastry, through its theoretical and practical lessons.


Study Programme

The Course is developed into 2 levels of technical study with 23 level 1 lessons and 22 level 2 lessons for a total of 45 lessons.
The following topics will be addressed:
Yeasts: differences between the various yeasts, their use, management of spontaneous yeast, leavening processes.
Puff pastry: the ingredients, rest time, storage, cooking techniques, Italian puff pastries, puff pastry with different ingredients.
The puffs: the ingredients, cooking techniques, the puffs with different fats, the puffs with characterizing ingredients.
The whipped masses: the ingredients, the preparation techniques, the sponge cake, the sponge cake with other fats, the sponge cake with characterizing ingredients. Margherita cake, Paradiso cake, Sacher. The Savoyard biscuit, the biscuit, the biscuits with other lipids, the biscuits with characterizing ingredients.
Crumbly pastas: types of crumbly pastas, ingredients, sablè, shortbread for tarts, shortbreads, crumble.
Meringues: ingredients, doughs, air inclusion. Italian meringues, French meringues.
The basic creams: the ingredients, their substitutes, the classic and oven coagulation process. English custard, custard, Bavarian cream, chiboust, diplomatic, musseline, butter, chantilly, creamy, mousse.
Ice cream and sorbets: the ingredients, the concept of cooling, the pac. The various ice creams and traditional sorbets.
Jams and fruit: ingredients, thickeners, the role of sugar, storage times, traditional and modern preparations.
The chocolate: cocoa, its components, tempering techniques. Various typologies of chocolate.
HACCP: food safety lines, the cold cycle, rules of behavior.

The leavened dough: types of ingredients, the role of yeasts, leavening cycles. Brioches and croissants, croissants and various substitutes for the dough and lipids
The great leavened products: Colomba, Panettone, Pandoro.
Babà and Savarin: ingredients, leavening cycles and bagne.
Cake: classic and modern sweets.
Sugar: the ingredients, varieties and typologies of sugar. The glazes. Additives and dyes.
Regional specialties: variation of Italian regional pastry through its typical sweets.
Mignon Pastry
Cake Design: the processing of sugars, the role of substituents, the formation of meshes and its additives, natural dyes, processes, alditols and their role.
Semifreddo: the components, the concept of subcooling, the role of sugars and lipids. Italian semifreddo and its variants. The classic iced biscuit, fruit, liqueur. Fruit, chocolate and cream mousses. English parfaits with sugar, with syrup.
Desserts: high-end pastry.


The study programme is followed by an internship period of 6 weeks, in establishments located either in Florence or outskirts, with times and guidelines determined by the establishment itself.


The lessons are intended to familiarize students with pastry techniques.
Students will also learn traditional recipes. The lessons consist of a teacher-demonstration session followed by a practical session where the students will apply what they have seen and learnt, tasting and final talk.
The lessons will be held in Italian, with English support when necessary. 

The cost

The cost of the Professional Pastry Course is € 4,100.00 per person, which includes:
registration fee of € 500.00 - teaching materials (a recipe manual, an apron and a chef's jacket) - ingredients used during the lessons -  insurance coverage for on-site tuition and internships.
Those who already have a basic pastry training can access level 2 directly through an admission test, cost 2,400.00 Euro

And then

Graduates of professional courses will have the opportunity to be in touch with companies that apply to the school in search of qualified personnel.

Please contact the secretary for more information.

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