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Pizza Making Class Mister Pizza

Every week on Thursday. Through this class you will learn how to make and bake the perfect Neapolitan style pizza.
In partnership with Mister Pizza
Teacher: The expert 'pizzaiolo' from Mister Pizza
1 lesson, every week on Thursday
6pm/9pm, every week on Thursday

Scuola di Arte culinaria Cordon Bleu together with Mister Pizza, one of the top rated pizzerias in Florence, created this wonderful pizza making and cooking class just for you!

Through this class you will learn how to make and bake the perfect Neapolitan style pizza, mastering every secret that makes it so special and loved worldwide.

The expert 'pizzaiolo' from Mister Pizza will be very happy to teach you how to properly create the pizza dough from scratch, roll out the pizza and finally how to put it on the oven and season it the right way just like we do at our very own pizzeria! 

Finally, after the lesson you will have the possibility to enjoy your very first pizza with all the other students accompanied with a delicious wine from Tuscany. 

This cooking class is right for you if you’re looking to:
  • Understand the behind the scene of how pizzas are really made in Italy 
  • Learn how to make a perfect pizza that will delight everybody at the table 
  • Learn the secrets that make Neapolitan pizza so good
  • Have an amazing culinary experience with people from all around the world 
Every week on Thursday.
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