Course ID: #1049 - Pastry School

Pastry School - Chapter 4

Traditional and contemporary pastry cakes
March 5th
19 marzo
3 lessons
330 each chapter€
Traditional and contemporary pastry cakes

The pâte à choux
March 5th - How to prepare pâte à choux: the classic cupcakes
Éclairs / Religeuses, Croquenbouche, Saint-Honoré cake

The cake design
March 12th - The basics of contemporary pastry art and cake design
Cake coated and decorated with sugar paste, Semi-naked cake with drip and themed decorations, Modern strawberry tart with glossy icing, Fruit cream tart

The meringues
March 19th - Differences between the different meringues, preparation and uses
Spumini, Lemon Meringue Tart, Pavlova, Spumini, Macarons

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