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Italian Classics

Available in Italian, English, German and French.
Minimum 6 people
On request
3 hours
10am-1pm, or 2pm-5pm, or 6pm-9pm
per person 120€

Italian Classics


One option is to make two types of pasta at the same time - with and without eggs - together with the preparation of the relative traditional accompanying sauces. The typical pasta formats, the exceptions, the colored or filled pasta and all the information for making fresh pasta at home are at the heart of this course, with particular attention given to the condiments. Whether classic or creative, you will discover that putting your hands in dough is easier and more satisfying than you think!

Another option is to make pizza together with both long leavening, and a quick dough. All participants will have the opportunity to make their own pizza and dress it to their taste. After a brief historical introduction, participants will discover the characteristics of the different ingredients, water, flour, yeast and dough making techniques, to make both modern and classic pizzas. We will taste the Pizza of Naples, Sicily and Rome and the thin and thicker types of pizza. 

The experience, which requires active participation in the preparation, will be completed with the tasting of what has been prepared followed by a dessert or an ice cream (gelato).

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