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Professional Bread-Making and Pizza Course
Teacher: Beatini, Capacci, Cini, Pannacci, Ricci, Zanni
3 weeks

Study Programme

The Professional In-the Oven Course is a three week programme that includes 15 lessons lasting 4 hours each, for a total of 60 study hours. The lessons will be held in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and will include a brief break.

The course consists of theoretical-practical lessons dedicated to traditional and modern bread-making methods, the characteristic breads of the various regions of Italy and the most distinctive breads from across the world . A section of the course will be entirely dedicated to pizza making, the nuances of dough preparation, baking and seasoning.

Each dough type is analyzed in detail, from ancient and modern grain flours to different types of leavening.

Lesson topics:
Flours, food categories and labeling
History of bread and pizza making
Theory and practice of leavening matrixes, flours and doughs
Regional breads: Southern Italian breads (Puglia, Campania & Sicily)
Regional breads: Central Italian breads (Tuscany)
Regional breads: Northern Italian breads (Piedmont)
Neapolitan and peel pizza
Pinsa dough and focaccia
Gourmet pizza
Pizza made with ancient grains and natural leavening agents
Special breads
Brioche breads
Northern European breads
Savoury pastries
Fried dough and the panzerotto

The cost of the In-the-Oven Professional Course is 2,000.00 Euros per person, the price includes: 500.00 Euros registration fee, teaching material (handouts, apron, jacket and hat), ingredients for the lessons and insurance coverage for the hours of study at school. The cost of accommodation is not included and the school does not take care of students’ accommodations but can assist them in their search.

Course information

The In-the-Oven Professional Course trains specialized figures for work in artisanal baking laboratories, to become pizza chef assistants as well as creators and managers of bread lines for haute cuisine.

Participants are required to be punctual and to keep all materials, as well as their personal appearance, in order.

To obtain the certificate of attendance students must have attended at least 80%of the lessons.

Lessons will be held in Italian and English.

And then

Graduates of professional courses will have the opportunity to be in touch with companies that apply to the school in search of qualified personnel.

For further information do not hesitate to contact the School at +39 055 2345468 or +39 055 2260228, or send an email  to

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