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Food in paintings

Available in Italian, English, German and French.
Minimum 6 people
On request
3 hours
10am-1pm, or 2pm-5pm, or 6pm-9pm
per person 160€

Food in paintings

Be enchanted, 
o ye who cook...

The paintings from the past centuries bring inspiration... in cooking!
And, among the treasures of Florence, there is undoubtedly a significant number of food inspired paintings.
The class begins with a close observation of a still-life painting, selected by the teacher, who will then have to design and teach how to prepare dishes using the ingredients and the raw materials depicted in the painting.
The lesson will therefore focus on the realization of a surprise menu with dishes inspired by the food of the territory as well as the historical period of the artists. All this will result in an extremely interesting marriage between the two different art forms which have made Florence, Tuscany, Italy famous - the figurative and food arts.


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