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Cruelty free diet

Teacher: Cristian Giorni
March 15th
March 29th
3 lessons

A series of lessons on holistic cooking to enhance vegetables, seeds, cereals and legumes

First lesson March 15th from 9 to 13
Introduction to non-violent nutrition
Brief historical notes; the motivations and the ability to choose; holistic nutrition and the food paradox; nutrients and vegetables
Culinary workshop:
soy, processing of the magic bean, the vegetable drink (soy milk), soy curd, okara and how they are made, their use in cooking, sweet and savory creams, vegetable sauce, vegetable balls, fillings

Second lesson March 22nd from 9 to 13
Culinary workshop:
Preparing vegetable dishes
annoli stuffed with pumpkin and olives, ortelli and ravioli with vagetale sauce and sage cream, 
cream tart, sponge cake

Third lesson 29 March from 9 to 13
Energetic cuisine
Introduction and classification of super foods and their nutritional properties
Culinary workshop:
some cooking basics - almond milk, coconut butter, almond butter, rejuvelac (fermented quinoa), cheddar type cashew cheese; energy burgers, lentils and chickpeas, black beans sauces, soups, rice and noodles, smoothies and dessert
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Individual Lessons

You can follow our COOKINGCOACH and explore a topic of Italian cuisine and pastry at your choice.