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Course for Cordon Bleu Cook

The Cordon Bleu programme for cooks consists of a four week intensive course and ten internship weeks in restaurants or other culinary establishments.

Teacher: Barbara Zattoni + Andrea Bianchini e Silvia Martinez
September 8th
December 19th
14 weeks
Available times: morning

Course programme

The course programme comprises 20 five-hour cooking lessons. In addition, there will be three four-hour lessons  which will focus on HACCP (Food safety and management systems).

The internship programme follows the intensive study course and lasts ten weeks. The students will be able to train in culinary establishments in and out of Florence, or in other areas upon students’ request. The internship period and procedures will be decided by the establishment itself.

Price of course: € 2.950,00, which include:
- 500,00 enrolment fee
- learning materials (recipe book, apron, hat and uniform)
- chef/tutor instruction
- ingredients
- off-site internship planning
- insurance coverage during the study programme and internship.

DATES 2021

Start: Wednesday, 8th September (morning)
End: Sunday, 19th December

For further information do not hesitate to contact the school: +39 055 2345 468 o +39 055 2260 228, or send an e-mail to:

Course objective

The aim of the course is to form cooks who will master the techniques of Italian cuisine.

By successfully completing the course the student will be ready to work in any culinary establishment after having learned all of the necessary professional skills.  
The programme focuses on an intensive study of the recipes and the fundamental techniques of Italian cuisine. The students will also familiarize with all the kitchen utensils and ingredients.

The course students  will earn a Certificate of attendance if they have:
attended at least 80% of the course
respected the terms agreed upon with the internship establishment

The lessons will be in Italian and English.
The programme is for maximum 15 attendees, and for make-up lessons and occasional students.

No Sponsor

The material provided by the school is non-sponsored.

For further information do not hesitate to contact the school: +39 055 2345 468 o +39 055 2260 228, or send an e-mail to:

Maximum number of people:15

Individual Lessons

You can follow our COOKINGCOACH and explore a topic of Italian cuisine and pastry at your choice.