Course ID: #339 - Basic Cooking Course

The basics

The course centers on Italian and International cooking techniques
September 29th
3 hours afternoon
From 2pm to 5pm

Description of the cooking tools and their use, introduction to the fundamentals of the classic sauces, rules to organize a menu, first course dishes, chopping vegetables, "mirepoix", "battuto & soffritto", clarified butter, meat stock, elements of foods preserving.
Cooking part: Traditional meat sauce (Bolognese), Crepes, Bechamel sauce, Red radicchio pie, Cheese souffle, Brown Sauce, Clarified Butter, Brased onions.

Individual Lessons

You can follow our COOKINGCOACH and explore a topic of Italian cuisine and pastry at your choice.

Ready for a new start!

Cooking has the power to bring that which seems distance near and to make us travel with the senses. During this difficult moment our school has never stopped, we have activated online lessons for those who want to refine some techniques or just want a little bit of Italy. As we come out of this nightmare we are close to all those who are still living difficult situations and hope to cheer up our past and future students with our proposals, confident that we will meet again soon in our school kitchens.