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Aroma Italia Labs - Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking

Intensive course on Italian cooking and culture in English
Teacher: Tommaso Bartoloni, Marta Capacci, Matilde Pettini e Tommaso Cintolesi
September 1st
September 22nd
15 lessons + 5 activities
9am-1pm + few afternoons

Goals of the course

The course is designed for professionals and enthusiasts who wish to deepen their knowledge of Italian cuisine, its techniques and its traditions.
The programme includes 15 lessons of 4 hours each and 5 different activities such as food tours and tastings. The lessons are theoretical and practical and are offered in our laboratory-kitchen where the students, together with the chef, can prepare complete menus of four or five courses.
Gastronomic culture is the core of each lesson so that students can share the habits, cooking and eating ways of people who love to talk about food and not just at the table.
Just like an Italian family, at home or in a trattoria, students will taste the typical products and prepare the milestone of the tradition that everyone knows.
The lessons focus on first courses, the cereal-based dishes that are the pivot of Mediterranean cuisine. Menus rotate around these recipes that give the opportunity to learn more about cooking methods and techniques of the various vegetables, meat and fish.

The course

Oil, tomato, dried pasta, stews
Sauté, dried pasta, basic condiments
Egg pasta, butter, fats, minced meat
Stocks, boiled meat, stuffed pasta
Risotto, rice, tripes
Soups, legumes, polenta, vegetables
Gnocchi, pestos
Pizza, salami, cheeses, sandwiches, ice cream
Italy in a jar, preserves and specialities
Northern Italy
Central Italy
Southern Italy
The fried food from north to south
Along the coast, fish and seafood
At the bakery
At the pastry shop

The cost

The price per person is 3,200.00 Euros and includes ingredients and recipes for the lessons, the uniform (jacket, hat and apron) as well as the five activities.