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Aroma Italia

A full immersion into the Italian gastronomic culture
Teacher: Various
On request
One lesson
from 10am to12.30pm & 6-8,30pm
75 - Special price from more lessons€

Lessons on Italian Cooking, offered every day.

Tuscan Cooking - Monday 10-12,30, Wednesday 18-20,30, Friday 18-20,30
Pizza & Gelato - Tuesday 10-12,30, Thursday 18-20,30, Saturday 10-12,30
Home-made pasta from the North of Italy - Monday 18-20.30, Friday 10-12,30, Sunday 10-12,30
Durum wheat pasta from the South of Italy - Wednesady 10.12,30, Sunday 14-16,30
Lasagne & Ravioli - Tuesday 18-20,30, Thursday 10-12,30, Saturday 14-16,30

Contact the school for reservations
The lessons are held in English and in Italian.

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