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Advanced International Cooking

January 10th
30 hours

Basics and cooking fundamentals A

Puff Pastry as Pie Crust

Pate de Campagne
Beef fillet wrapped in puff pastry
Salmon puffs
Puff pastry Fleurons and finger food

Basics and cooking fundamentals B

Diiferent types of Quiches 
Pate a foncer
Quiche Lorraine
Vegetable Terrine

Cold starters

Mixes liver mousse with orange flavour butter and pan brioche
Asparagus parfait with chevril sauce
Salmon quenelles
Salmon Tartare with lentils
Caprese salad in glasses

Fresh Pasta

Home made fresh pasta
Ricotta and Pecorino Cheese Ravioli
Classic Ravioli
Filling for ravioli
Green pasta
Lasagnette with peppers
Ear shape pasta


Pork filet with dried prunes
Sauce Soubise
Beef cheek with shallots
Quail with champignon duxelles
Pigeons in sweet and sour sauce
Potato mash with olive oil

Fish and seafood by Tommaso Cintolesi (first lesson)

Susci ( sushi Italian style )
Pasta with tuna fish and citrus "pesto"
Scabbardfish rolls with pumpkin

Fish and sea food by Tommaso Cintolesi (second lesson)

Anchovy tartare
Pici with squid and cime di rapa
Burrida with cuttlefish and artichokes
Fried shrimps in shiso leaf
Cod in olio cottura

Foie gras & pate

Foie gras nature
Venison Pate 
Sliced Fegato grasso 
Pain Brioche

The creative use of foie gras by David Bonucci

Foie gras Millefoglie
Foie gras Terrine with apple cube and Campari jelly
Biancomangiare with truffle and foie-gras
Lamb with foie-gras and Marsala sauce with truffle
Ravioli with beef tail and tomato veluote
Lamb chops with lemon sauce, capers and potato focaccia

A Creative Menu


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