Academic Courses Information

Student Services

The School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu Florence, in partnership with an important educational group, offers a wide range of services to help and support students living and studying in Italy.
Students can take advantage of some services even before leaving their country.
Student services also include:
  • Selection of the most suitable program for the student's needs
  • Help to fill in the application form
  • Valuation of previous credits, studies and professional experiences
  • Selection and arrangement of accommodation
  • Orientation of complementary and integrated activities

System of University Credits with ECS

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is the system of European university credits within EHEA (European Higher Education Area), of he Scuola di Arte Culianria "Cordon Bleu" in collaboration with EABHES. The European accreditation of academic courses realized at the School allows enrolled students to:

  • Recognize previous studies or professional experience in terms of ECTS, so course work can take into account skills already possessed.
  • Accumulate university credit with ECTS, equivalent to American units/credits.
  • Move within the European and international community of higher education.
  • Integrate a semester or year of study abroad.
  • Obtain, at the end of every year, an Official Transcript with grades and credits for the material completed.
  • Complete a program of study in a foreign country.
  • Obtain a Degree of Bachelor / Master