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Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari

In addition to being co-owners of the school, Cristina and Gabriella work together as the school's head instructors. Read more about Cristina and Gabriella by clicking on their photos below.

cristina-2 gabriella

Emilia Onesti

emiliaEmilia Onesti was born in Novara in 1966. At the age of two she moved to Florence with her parents - her father, who was from Novara of parents from Emilia Romagna, and her mother, who was from Florence of parents from Mantova.

After years of helping her maternal grandmother in the preparation of homemade pasta, her passion for cooking became evident in 1983, with the first edition of the magazine Grand Gourmet. The study of cooking remained Emelia's second priority during her classical high school education and her studies of architecture, however during this time she used her culinary skills to prepare meals and parties for private clients. After her graduation in 1992, her culinary interests lead her to manage the restaurant of a tennis club on the outskirts of Florence. She worked there for two summer seasons (1993 and 1994) together with Fabio Onesti (her brother and a sommelier), Livia Braini and later also Cristina Castelli.

Her interests turned mainly to Middle Eastern cuisine, a passion born in the 1990s with her first of three trips to Turkey. For Emilia, every Middle Eastern voyage was simply an opportunity to study the region's gastronomy - from Maghreb to Egypt to Syria.

During her stay in Paris in 1996, Emilia had the opportunity to study French and international cuisine.

Since 1997, she has collaborated with Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari at their Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu di Firenze, initialy as secretary and later as a teaching assistant. From this collaboration several new courses were born at the school: Cucina del Mediterraneo (1998), Aperitivo e Antipasti (2000) and Primi Piatti Regionali (2001). Together with Cristina and Gabriella, Emilia has also worked on the publication of the books "Enciclopedia della cucina mediterranea" (Mondadori, Milano 2004), "La pasta fatta in casa" (BrioLibri, Firenze 2004) and "Pasta Italia" (McRae Books, Firenze 2005).

Her studies of cooking have expanded into other areas, such as the research of new techniques for the enrichment of gastronomic traditions in Italy and other countries. Her studies have been augmented thanks to her unending passion for cookbooks that she has collected over the years from every corner of the world. Paralleling her collaboration with Cristina and Gabriella, she has published the book Gelato (BrioLibri, Firenze 2007) together with Carla Bardi, and is working as home economist for a book of Italian cuisine (to be her next publication). Also, together with Luigi Corbacella, Emelia created and managed a website about cooking since 2007.

Livia Briani

liviaLivia Briani was born in Florence in 1964. Since childhood she has had a passion for food, following the family traditions. She absorbed culinary cultures from her father, Veneto, and from her mother, Romagna. And living and growing up in Florence, she has of course exceptional knowledge of Tuscan and Florentine cuisine.

She worked as a chef from 1986 until 1991 in a restaurant in the hills around Florence. In 1993 she met Gabriella Mari and Cristina Blasi, founders of the Florentine School of Culinary Arts Cordon Bleu. She started as assistant and later became a teacher. She is still working both as a chef and as an instructor. Her specialization is the traditional Florentine and Tuscan cuisine, and she teaches both in Italian and in English.

Claudio Nardello

claudioClaudio has been always a chef - as a teenager he would cook for friends the fish and sea food they caught together - and he has never stopped!

After working for a time in the software and textile industries, he decided in the year 2000 to turn his passion for cooking into a career. Starting in 2001 he worked as a personal chef in Prato where he prepared fancy meals in his clients homes. In 2003, he moved north and worked in the difficult and demanding city of Milan, where he found quite a following. There he ran the restaurant "Superstudio", owned by photographer Fabrizio Ferri, and received critical acclaim from the Milanese. In 2005, he moved back to Tuscany's capital, Florence, where he became the Executive Chef at "La Bacca Rossa". This small, charming restaurant is in the center of Florence, and it's cooking focuses on fresh fish and sea food. In 2007 the restaurant was declared "Best New Restaurant Of The Year", and mentioned in many Florence restaurant guides as a top 10 dining spot.

In the summer of 2008 Claudio decided to go back to his favourite job as a private chef. He prefers small groups and likes to take care of his guests in the most special way, personally selecting each dish. He promotes himself under the name of "The Sea At Your Home" given to him by a journalist from the aromas of the sea in his cooking. Since the end of 2008 he has also started a collaboration with the Scuola di Arte Culinaria Cordon Bleu in Florence, teaching cooking at a professional level to students of the Professional Program. Claudio perfectly combines his passion for cooking with the most advanced cooking techniques.

From the beginning of 2010 until July 2012, Claudio was Executive Chef of Fellini. Claudio managed the restaurant's opening, and designed its entire menu and cuisine.

Since July 2012, he has been Executive Chef at the restaurant Magnificenza Le Pavoniere. Fish in abundance, that goes without saying!

Palmiro Bruschi

palmiro-bruschiPalmiro Bruschi was born in Sansepolcro on August 31, 1967 and is married with three children. He and his wife, Pina, are fully qualified in this sector of the catering business and ensure that the ice cream products are made with both skill and quality. Since starting, Palmiro Bruschi has been an assistant to the ice cream Grand Masters in "Arte Dolce" in Rimini and "C.a.s.t. alimenti" in Brescia Professional Center, where he obtained his Diploma of Merit. In February 1994 he achieved the title of No.1 Italian Champion Ice Cream Maker and in March 1997 became a Member of the Italian Ice Cream Academy. Furthermore, he has contributed to the opening of numerous parlours not only in Italy but also abroad and is a qualified teacher for the production of handmade ice cream. He has also appeared on many many Italian T.V. programmes: Uno Mattina, Linea Verde, Festa di Classe, Gelato al Limone, La Vecchia Fattoria, Trenta Ore per la Vita, l'Italia in Diretta, Cucinone, La prova del Cuoco and on Gambero Rosso and Alice...

Articles have been written about him and his expertise in: Gambero Rosso, Topolino, Il Sole 24 Ore, Auto d'Epoca, Sale e Pepe, Buon Appetito, Gelato Artigianale, Pasticceria Internazionale, Madia, Gola, Dolce e Salato etc.. Italy Daily (International Herald Tribune) and so on. With his well-known "CARRETTINO" he has taken part in a variety of important events "Giro d'Italia", the "Mille Miglia", the "Transalpinica", the "Salone del Gusto" in Turin, the "Rally of Bianchine", Eurochocolate in Perugia in Rimini, in Switzerland and in the Opening of the Gateway of the Republic of San Marino, etc.. He also worked on the "Costa Classica" Cruises.

A very important moment for Palmiro Bruschi was the invitation to take part in the Renaissance Banquet, as representative of the Art of Italian Ice Cream, at the Festival "Italy in Japan 2001" held in the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, with the presence of members of the Japanese Imperial family. Since then he has assisted in "BELLA ITALIA" exhibitions in Melbourne, Nice, Hong Kong and Dubai. In 2010 begins a cooperation with industrie IFi in the project "AFFRESCO" and with "BREAK AND GO".

Francesco Beatini

francesco-beatiniFrancesco Beatini was born in Florence on April 29, 1974. His first endeavors were not in the culinary field, instead he studied at the Istituto d'Arte di Firenze as a graphic designer and then got a degree in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. However he also began, at only the age of 16, to work in restaurant kitchens in Florence.

His professional career flourished because of his sincere passion for the traditional gastronomy of Tuscany, and in 2000 he began his employment at Autogrill as head of restaurants, developer of operations, and consultant for regional purchasing.

In 2003, he took the leap and opened his own restaurant in the center of Bologna, and started a collaboration with Coop Adriatica as a cooking teacher and consultant.

In 2006, he moved into the hotel sector, organizing the restaurant services for the Holiday Inn of San Lazzaro di Savena.

Since 2008 he has been the chef of the restaurant "La Dondina" in Budrio. He also collaborates with various cantine in the Bologna and Trevigiano regions, does catering in the Bologna area and has an internet site called "Il giorno del cibo" on which he shares his expertise about the cuisine of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

For several years, he has concentrated on teaching at cooking schools in the Emilia Romagna region, at professional culinary institutes as well as at private cooking schools. During this time he has also consulted for food companies such as Surgital and Barilla, and has continued his research and activity as a chef at the restaurant "Baia di Maui" in Comacchio.

He has always focused his artistic interests on the study of culinary tradition. His research has led him to the creation of new dishes and the reinventions of old dishes - always playing creatively with the pairing of various tastes, odors and colors.

Stefano Donati

Stefano-DonatiLavoro nel settore della pasticceria da oltre 20 anni

1986-191 ho lavorato presso la pasticceria Jolly a prato come aiuto pasticciere.

1989-1991 ho studiato presso la scuola I.A.P.A.F. di Firenze (istituto avviamento professionale Fiorentino) ottenemdo l'attestato di 1° Pasticciere.

Nel 1991 sono entrato a lavorare presso la pasticceria MANNORI di Prato (Campione del mondo della pasticceria) come capo pasticciere, dove tuttora svolgo la professione.

Nel 2000 Ho tenuto un corso sulle torte secche e da credenza a Perugia Presso EUROCHOCOLATE.

Nel 2001 ho partecipato ad un corso di 45 ore riguardo l'aerografia che viene usata spesso nella pasticceria Artistica

Nel 2005 Collaboro insieme a Mannori nella cioccolateria Mannori Espace facendo una grande esperienza sul cioccolato

Sono esperto nelle seguenti materie:
Zucchero colato-tirato-soffiato e modellato.
Zucchero pastigliagio per strutture. Pastigliaggio Giapponese per fiori, foglie e decorazioni in genere.
Cioccolato: strutture artistiche, oggettistica varia, uova di Pasqua, pralineria assortita

In questi anni ho partecipato a vari concorsi di pasticceria ottenendo il titolo di Campione Italiano 2000

1998: Sigep D'oro, cioccolato artistico (Rimini)
1999: Super Sigep D'oro, degustazione praline assortite (Rimini)
2000: Gran Prix di Montecarlo, 1° class. Camp. Italia (Montec.)
2000: Trofeo Europeo Cointreau (Francia)
2001: Siab concorso di alta pasticceria 2° class.(Verona)
2001: Dolc'è capolavori in cioccolato 1° class.(Torino)
2004: Selezione coppa del mondo 1° class.(Rimini)
2005: Coppa del mondo della pasticceria (Lione)

Dal 2006 in poi ho partecipato a varie giurie Regionali e nazionali, dove tuttora sono chiamato a degustare e giudicare pezzi artistici.

Vito Mollica


Was born in Avigliano in 1971

* Centro Di Formazione Professionale, Casargo, Italy
Obtained the Certificate as Commis De Cuisine issued by the
Professional Training Institute
* Associazione Sommelier Italiana
Obtained the certificate of 1st degree and 2nd degree Course as
* Etoile Institute, Venice, Italy
Food Cost Course
* R.E.C. Membership to the Italian Registry of the Commercial Shopkeepers

Sept '07 (pre-opening) - present : Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Italy (Executive Chef)
Oct '00 ( pre-opening) - Aug '07 : Four Seasons Hotel Prague (Executive Chef)
Sep '99 - Oct '00 : Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Italy (Sous Chef De Cuisine)
Mar '98 - Aug '99 : Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Italy (Junior Sous Chef)
Nov '96 - Feb '98 : Four Seasons Hotel Milano, Italy (Chef De Partie)
Nov '95 - Oct '96 : Cafe Royal - Grillroom (1 Star Michelin), London, (Demi Chef De Partie)
Aug '94 - Oct '95 : Jolly Hotel Carlton, Caruso Restaurant, Amsterdam (Chef de Cuisine)
Jan '93 - Jul '94 : Jolly Hotel Plaza, Genova, Italy (Sous Chef)
Oct '91 - Dec '92 : Jolly Hotel Milanofiori, Milano, Italy (Chef De Partie)
Jul '91 - Sep '91 : Relais Des Alpes, Madonna Di Camiglio, Italy (Chef de Partie)
May '89 - Jun '91 : "Mauro" Restaurant, Milano, Italy (Chef De Partie)
Feb '89 - May '89 : Gama Hotel, Milano, Italy (Commis De Cuisine)
Oct '88 - May '89 : Don Antonio's Restaurant, Manchester, England (Commis De Cuisine)
Jun '88 - May '89 : Est Est Est Restaurant, Knutsford, England (Commis De Cuisine)
Oct '87 - May '88 : Gama Hotel, Milan, Italy (Apprentice)
Jun '87 - Oct '87 : "Principe Di Piemonte, Viareggio, Italy (Apprentice)

October 2007 : Restaurant "Fat Duck" Bray, UK (*** Michelin Stars)
March 2003 : Restaurant "French Laundry" Yountville, Napa Valley, California (*** Michelin Stars)
October 2002 : Restaurant" Kong Hans Kaelder" Copenhagen, Denmark (* Michelin Star)
September 2000: Restaurant "El Bulli", Cala Motjion, Spain (*** Michelin Stars)
15th to 30th July'98 : Les Elysees du Vernet, Hotel Vernet, Paris, France (** Michelin Stars)
1st to 15th July '98 : Le Jardin, Hotel Royal Monceau, Paris, France (* Michelin Star)
Sep '96 - Nov '96 : "L'Albereta Of Gualtiero Marchesi. Erbusco, Italy (*** Michelin Stars)
Feb '96 - May '96 : "Marco Pierre White" Restaurant, London, England (*** Michelin Stars)

Achievements and Awards
Comune di Firenze 2012: Premio "il Porcellino" della citta' di Firenze
Guida dell' Espresso Italia 2013: Premio Pommery " Il miglior piatto dell'Anno"
Guida Michelin Italia 2012: premia il Ristorante Il Palagio con 1 Stella
Guida dell'Espresso 2012: premia il ristorante Il Palagio con 2 Cappelli 16,5/20
Premio Arco 2010: Premiato dal Comune di Avigliano Regione Basilicata
Ampolla d'oro 2010: premiato dall'Enoteca Italiana di Siena
Conde' Nast 2009, Ristorante Il Palagio Hot table List
Gallivanter's Guide 2007: Chef's Editor's choice awards
Distintivo d'oro della Camera di Commercio Italo/Ceca 2007
Zagat guide 2003/04/05/06/07: Allegro Restaurant # 1 Restaurant in Prague
Hotels Magazine 2005:Restaurant Allegro: The 10 world's Best hotel dining rooms
Grand Restaurant guide 2005/06/07: Restaurant Allegro: # 1 Restaurant in Prague
Der Feinsmecker Magazine 2002/03/04/05/06: Allegro Restaurant Best restaurant in
Conde' Nast 2002, Allegro restaurant Hot table List
Czech Hotels &Restaurants: Best Hotel Restaurant 2002/03/04/05/06

Marco Stabile

Thumbnail image for Marco Stabile.jpgMarco Stabile born in 1973 in Pontedera, Tuscany, he has quickly risen to prominence in Italy.

He developed his skills of subtle invention whilst working in, and contributing to, some of Italy's finest kitchens, including the famed "Baghino" in Prato, "Il Salotto del Chianti", the Antinori-owned "Osteria di Passignano", the Beringer Blass-managed "Cavaliere del Castello di Gabbiano", "Il Paese dei Campanelli" and "Il Chiasso dei Portici" to name a few.

His final stepping stone before opening Ora d'Aria, where he is both resident head chef and co-owner, remains his work at "Arnolfo" in Colle Val d'Elsa (Michelin **) as the right hand man to the incomparable Gaetano Trovato.

Marco is an occasional and warmly welcomed teacher at some of the Italy's most celebrated culinary schools, such as those in Jesi, Montecatini Terme and "Academia del Gusto" in Arezzo. He also remains a committed supporter of, and collaborates with, the prestigious group "Les Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe".

The talented work of chef Stabile over these last few years in Florence did not go unnoticed abroad either: the last accolade being his prestigious and very recent appointment by a group of Italian investors/entrepreneurs as the sole non-resident Executive Chef of "Toscana Divino"; a very ambitious and innovative, new "restaurant-cum-fashion showroom" concept (all under one roof) in Miami- hopefully, the first in a series - to promote the Italian lifestyle in general and, more in particular, the "excellence" of Tuscany in and across the United States in years to come.

Mika Iwamoto

mika-iwamotoMika IwamotoI has lived in Florence since 1993.

While studying cooking and the history of art, I began my exchange between the Italian and Japanese cultures (theater, art, culinary arts, etc.).

Since 1997 I have taught Japanese cooking to Italians.

I assist in Italian cooking courses for Japanese visitors in many regions in Italy.

I have organized cultural events for the Japanese theater in Italy.

I am a licensed tour guide in the Provinces of Florence and Pisa, and I am an interpreter.

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